Extended Support Programme

The programme had been initiated as a self sustaining model based on the concept of service at doorstep. The organisation provides skilled attendant services to the vulnerable families where the elderly due to age or ailment are unable to perform their day-to-day activities and thus require round the clock professional care and support. The programme is novel in the sense that on one hand it provides care and support to the elderly and at the same time it also provides employment opportunities to those who are willing to serve as an attendant committed to the cause of the elderly.

The programme is based on fundamental values and principles such as human dignity, principle of justice, solidarity and responsibility. The organisation strongly believes that every human being is endowed with a specific dignity that cannot be violated. No human being can exist apart from the community in which he lives. Hence the elderly form a part of our human community and the programme guided by the principles of solidarity and responsibility strives to help them live a life of dignity.